What Is Reality?

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Physical distancing has caused us to not only live, sleep and eat at home, but to also work and educate our children at home as well. We celebrated holidays without the usual fanfare, and yet, I have heard from several people, this has been the nicest holiday yet. They have come to appreciate  family in a whole new way, both in our home and at a distance, at least I have. We take so much for granted as we go about our daily lives that this is a time to  pause to look at our lives:

  • What can we do without
  • What is most important to us?
  • What is necessary to our personal survival?
  • Are you flourishing in what you are doing?

Is it time to think about what success looks like for you at this time and the next few years because this is definitely not what any of us thought it would look like today.

Be open to the possibilities! Ronnie

Sharing is caring!