Strengths Challenge
Join others as they work on their strengths for the next several days!

Strengths Challenge

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What are strengths and how can they help you to achieve your goals as you define what success is to you? One way to better thrive, grow and develop is by “playing to your strengths.” That is, knowing and doing more of what you naturally do well.
Michelle McQuaid has begun the Strengths Challenge 2019 – What strengths do you need to work on to achieve your goals and be successful?
Go to VIA (Values in Action) to take your free character strengths profile
and then join

The science and research concludes: You are better to focus on your strengths rather than focus on managing your weaknesses. And, “Playing to Your Strengths” will bring you more joy and happiness

Share your Strengths Challenge – on Longstream Coaching and Training’s Facebook Page
My Challenge is Bravery – Getting over the fear of not being successful

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