Self- Motivator or Saboteur?
Bonsai tree began in 1960 - True Motivation

Self- Motivator or Saboteur?

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Self-Motivator or Saboteur?

You know the routine, the alarm goes off and you hit the snooze button.  Just 5 more minutes – but then you hit it again and again.  You lay there and before you even get out of bed the mental chatter begins:
Yuck – it’s Monday ? Oh great, another week – another 5 days until the weekend!
Just another 15 minutes – why does the morning have to come so quickly?
I have so much to do and so little time! Why did I agree to….?
Why don’t I win the lottery so I don’t have to go to work?
(Fill in the blank)
You finally drag yourself out of bed and what do you see?  Is the person you see in the mirror smiling back at you? Or are you bleary eyed and beginning your negative musings of what the day ahead will hold?
OR Do you day to yourself:
Awesome, another day of doing what I love to do!
Yes, it’s only Monday ?  and I have all week to complete …….. and then Friday – easy street!
You jump out of bed at the first alarm because you were waiting for it to go off!  So much to do, but you are organized and working toward your goals!  The person in the mirror is smiling back at you and positive thoughts swirl through your head, as the voice says to you, “You’ve got this ____ (fill in your name)!”
Zig Ziglar said, “Each time the alarm clock goes off, it is a rise and shine call to see what wonderful opportunities the day will bring.”
Which scenario is yours?
Wouldn’t it be great to feel Zig’s way every day? You have the ability to do it!  You and only you can change the way you start your day. Stop sabotaging it!  Think about some of the times when you have been excited to get up and get started on your day. What caused that excitement?
Many times we look at those who are successful and wonder how they do it? How do they have it all? What secrets do they possess that you don’t? Oh, but you do possess them! You just need to use them!
Time for a bit of reflection:
Have you created such a full life there is no time to live? Then maybe it is time to decide on what is most important in your life. What do you need to give up in your life to just simplify your life or de-stress it? Don’t compromise your happiness and well-being by trying to squeeze too much into 24 hours. So many times we waste our time on trivial matters that do not help us to reach our goals and dreams.
What have you always wanted to do, but do not have the time to do it? Re-evaluate your time to re-focus time on your goals, personal, business, health and spiritual. Begin to get excited for the sound of your Monday morning alarm clock to begin your week!
    Call To Action:
1. Take a look at your week/month and see what is listed on your To Do List that does not pertain to your goals and is wasting your time or could be delegated?
2. What can you cut out of your life/week/days that will not jeopardize you achieving your goals?
3. Each night list successes for the day as well as your gratitudes.
4.  Surround yourself with positive people, pictures, things that motivate you and get you moving.
 It is all a mindset; you just have to make sure you create the most positive one for success!
Be open to the possibilities,
Bonsai tree started 1960 –  That’s True Motivation @Longwood Gardens

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