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I was recently listening to a podcast from Live Happy with Carin Rockind and she said something that got me thinking. She said we need to make the time to take care of ourselves. Sounds like something we should be doing, right? And yet, so many of you say, “I don’t have the time!” When can I fit a few minutes in my day to take the time to care for  myself, to exercise/meditate, etc?  I am not going to write a long drawn out blogpost, as I know many of you do not have the time to read it, so here are some bullet points to consider:

  • Do you make goals for yourself in any or all areas of your life?  Do you feel you don’t have the time to pursue your purpose/passion/happiness or define what success is to you?
  • What are you putting off today because you don’t have the time?  Do you have 10 minutes?  (Maybe you shouldn’t pick up your phone and get on on your email or social media until you have completed a 10 minute new habit – see below – I know easier said than done, but do we really need to see another puppy or kitten video?)
  • What if you could do something, just one thing to help yourself? What if you could start today? Would you do it?  Or would you feel guilty about taking time away from your family, job, friends, etc. 
  • Do you think at the end of every day, I shoulda, woulda, coulda, if only I had remembered to do it? 
  • We all brush our teeth  and while it is difficult to do much while brushing your teeth (I do my deep knee bends during those two minutes), you can take this time to breathe and be mindful – focus on your body and what it is telling you
  • We all go to the bathroom – use this time to breathe, to focus on what we are grateful for or just quiet time (if you are so lucky not to have someone knocking on the door!)

And to start to take care of ourselves:

  1.  Make a promise to yourself, right now – stop for a few minutes and decide what you want to do/improve/etc.  You can share this on our newly formed Define Success Facebook Group.Design Your Own Success Story
  2. What can cue you up to do just that one thing?  It could be read a book for 10 minutes – you can spare 10 minutes a day (how many of you spend it on social media? complaining? doing the whoa is me?) What if you took that 10 minutes and did something positive that would move you along and ahead? So a cue could be:
    1. putting your sneakers and gym clothes right by your bed so you actually put them on and spend 10 minutes exercising!  
    2. Or if you want to read to expand your mind – put the book on the first thing you do in the morning (by your coffee pot), on your computer and spend the 10 minutes reading. 
    3. Or if you want to write or journal, put the journal where your alarm clock is located and spend the first 10 minutes writing! Or choose whatever cue you think would remind you to do whatever you have decided is your new habit to attain!
  3. Now that you have been cued– just do it!  10 minutes. Set a timer (use your phone, Alexa, Google Plus – easy peasy!)
  4. Reward – once you have completed your 10 minutes, get that cup of coffee, or in the evening, a glass of wine.   Do something that makes you smile or warms your heart. Total time used?  11 minutes

Be proud of yourself, as you just began a way to take back your life – one step at a time! 

Be Open to the Possibilities,Ronnie


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