This past week my husband and I celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary .  I wonder where the time has gone, as it seems like yesterday we were celebrating our tenth. We spent the day at Longwood Gardens walking around and enjoying being together.


We had the greatest time with our granddaughters while we watched them for a week.  We encountered nature areas in our county we didn’t know existed.  We experienced the joy of watching four year olds discover springtime as they saw the emerging flowers. It is amazing to see, through the eyes of our grandchildren the wonder of it all.



Babysitting x2

This past weekend my husband and I watched our four year old twin granddaughters!  They love to bake and I love healthy food and goodies, so we baked up a storm!  We made twin blueberry pies and they had a great time rolling out the dough.  We made banana bread and blueberry/strawberry scones, which were equally as fun to make.  They shared the job of mixing, putting the ingredients in the bowl and cracking eggs.  What a great time and how funny to see their faces as they broke the eggs and stirred the ingredients.  There is nothing like seeing things through the eyes of a child. Everyday mundane items take on a whole new objective.

Children make us take a look at ourselves and how we sometimes take things for granted, like the simple task of baking.  They cause us to slow down and open our eyes to the wonder of it all.  “Nana, look at the egg – there is no shells in there!  I did a great job!,” said Ada. A major accomplishment for her and yes for me too.   She made me take the time to savor the moments!

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