Define Your Success - at any age!

How do you define success? Is it how much money you make? Or the car you drive or  the house you live in? Perhaps your definition of success is what stated on your business card. Defining your success is a personal, it is about who you are and yet many times we are cajoled, coerced or complimented into someone else’s definition of success.

In five coaching sessions, you will:

  • Define
    • what you would like to change, what you would like to see, hear, and feel more of or build something new
  • Discover
    • What you are you doing when you are feeling engaged, energized and enjoying life through discovering your strengths
  • Dream
    • What is the biggest dream for yourself these days?
  • Design
    • Create the path this journey will be taking you
  • Destiny
    • Where to begin?

Are you ready to begin your  journey to create the life you want both personally and professionally. 

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"Meeting with Coach Ronnie to discuss my very own life vision was a life-altering experience! I started as a hesitant job seeker and with Ronnie's help, I transformed into a confident job seeker. Graduating from college left me feeling excited, but very apprehensive about my future. I wanted to choose an occupational path that was best suited for my strengths. Coach Ronnie is an amazing listener and advice-giver. She asked me to talk about "me," which included discussions regarding my likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, and self-concerns. From those discussions, she led me to the right career path by continuing to discuss my goals, having me take insightful personality tests, and most importantly, giving me the gentle push I needed to be an assertive job seeker. Although I consider myself a positive person, stressing over the right career choice put a damper on my spirits and left me feeling as though I were stuck, unsure where to go and what to do next. I realized that before my meetings with Coach Ronnie, I had a career choice in mind, but my nerves caused me to disregard my strengths and focus only on my "weaknesses." Throughout our meetings, Coach Ronnie stressed for me to see not only the importance of my strengths, but also the importance of visualizing my "weaknesses" as areas in which I could grow. She gave me that extra boost of positive energy I needed to get myself going in the right direction!  I highly recommend contacting Coach Ronnie if you are someone looking for the first step in the right direction down your very own life path! "
Erin Yoegel
"Since I started working with Coach Ronnie, I’ve realized that by making active choices I can determine my own path in my life and in my career. Setting and working toward goals on my own was often discouraging, but Coach Ronnie helps me make and manage reasonable accomplishments. Her suggestions have helped me begin focusing on the things that are most important to me. I’m also thankful for her reminder emails during the week, which keep me on task when my busy lifestyle might otherwise in inhibit me. It’s just the right amount of encouragement and motivation. I look forward to seeing the difference our sessions have in my life over the coming months " .
Heather Svoboda
"Ronnie is a wonderful coach! She has helped me develop my time management skills, as well as organization and prioritizing. She has worked with me to improve my company, my husband's company and even my personal life. She is truly a total "Life Coach"!! "
Sharon Pry
"I first used Ronnie to assist with time management and then as someone who would hold me accountable to my goals. I found all of her resources, ideas and philosophies to be effective for me to make the strides necessary to accomplish those goals. She has opened my eyes to things I never knew about myself; How is it I didn't reward myself for my accomplishments? I find myself sharing her ideas with others on a regular basis and I look forward to my continued work with Ronnie to fulfill my goals and aspirations "
Andrea Morrison